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TimeKeeper solves problems that costs your business time and money.

Facial Recognition

Eliminate Buddy Clock Ins

With traditional time and attendance systems, employees can easily fool the system by clocking in for their colleagues.

Well, with TimeKeeper, this problem is eliminated with the use of facial recognition to alert the administrator of any buddy clock ins going on.

Showing Man Using Facial Recognition On Clock In
Automatic Timesheets

No more manual timesheets

Are you wasting hours totting up timesheets, retyping data for employee payroll, or manually deducting breaks?

All timesheets are automatically calculated by TimeKeeper so you can access and report in real time on any device.

TimeKeeper Timesheets
Leave Management

Simple Holiday Requests

Still using holiday request sheets? Staff asking you how many holidays they have left or sick days they have used?

TimeKeeper manages your staff holidays for you. Our app allows your employees to request their holidays which require approval from their line manager. The line manager can approve or decline this with the touch of a button.

Request annual leave for an employee
Leave Calendar

Wall Calendar

If you have a large team or lots of staff, it can be easy to lose track of who is on holiday and when.

Refer to the live wall calendar to quickly view upcoming employee holidays so you can plan ahead.

Viewing staff absences on a wall calendar

Geofence Clock Entries

TimeKeeper enables you to configure geofences for jobs so only an employee at that location can clock in or out.

Simply specify an address for a job and a distance that the employee must be within and we will handle the rest.

Geofence Areas on Clock In
GPS Clock In

Who's In and Where

Do you want to know if your employees are where they are supposed to be?

GPS can be enabled to locate every clock in and out so that you can guarantee your employees are in the right place at the right time.

GPS Coordinates of a Clock In
Employee Clock Status

Real Time In-Building Report

TimeKeeper reports employees both in the building and out on site in real time on our web portal.

This list can be used in the event of a Health and Safety issue such as a fire in the office to allow for quick roll calls.

Live Inbuilding List Perfect for Fire List
Keep your employees on the right job

Integrated job scheduler

Are you constantly sending messages telling workers what job they are to meant work on?

With TimeKeeper, you can schedule your jobs in our web portal and we'll automatically notify your employees via a push notification of changes to their schedule.

Schedule Jobs
Export to Payroll

Accountancy Integrations

Avoid having to manually enter the same information from one system to another.

Send timesheets data from TimeKeeper into your accountancy software. Current integrations include Xero, Sage, MoneySoft and BrightPay.

Payroll integration with Xero, Sage, MoneySoft and BrightPay
"TimeKeeper has really helped to manage our employees' time and holidays efficiently, and the technical support has been excellent."
Alex Foulds
Executive Assistant, Country Connect

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