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construction companies

TimeKeeper is built to suit construction companies where workers are on site or travelling.

Digital audit trail & facial recognition

Accurate, verified timesheets

With paper timesheets, employees can easily fool the system by writing down whatever hours suit them.

Well with TimeKeeper, this problem is eliminated with timestamped clock-ins and the optional use of facial recognition to verify every clock in is legit.

Photograph being lifted to show facial recognition
Portable clock in machine

Time clock for building sites

If you have multiple workers on a building site, you can use TimeKeeper Kiosk on an Android or iOs tablet for all of them to clock in through one device.

Fix the tablet to the wall for security and then when moving to the next building site, just take the tablet and wall mount with you.

TimeKeeper on iOs App StoreTimeKeeper on Google Play Store
Tablet for Multiple Employees to Clock In
Perfect for travelling workers

Mobile GPS clock ins

Perhaps your workers are travelling out to individual jobs - well workers can use the TimeKeeper mobile app with their own account.

All mobile clock-ins require GPS so you can always have their location when clocking in from.

TimeKeeper on iOs App StoreTimeKeeper on Google Play Store
GPS Location on Mobile App Clock In
Defined areas where staff can clock in and out

Geofence clock entries

TimeKeeper enables you to configure geofences for jobs so only an employee at that location can clock in or out.

Simply specify an address for a job and a distance that the employee must be within and we will handle the rest.

Geofence Areas on Clock In
Live site list

Who's in on each site at all times

Do you want to know if your employees are where they are supposed to be?

TimeKeeper keeps a live list of each worker on each building site so you don't have to call the site manager to check if an employee is in.

Markers of who is in on each building site
Managing your jobs

Track time spent on jobs

You can add your jobs to TimeKeeper which employees can clock in against.

We will automatically keep track of time on each job for you so you can see if the time spent on that job has been profitable.

Tracking time on jobs report
Communicate with your employees in real time

Photos, documents, notes and signatures for jobs

Staff in your HQ can attach files to a job that your workers can see instantly via our app.

Additionally workers can snap photographs, add notes and add signatures to a job that you can view back in HQ - all in real time.

Share documents for jobs in real time
Keep your employees on the right job

Integrated job scheduler

Are you constantly sending messages telling workers what job they are to meant work on?

With TimeKeeper, you can schedule your jobs in our web portal and we'll automatically notify your employees via a push notification of changes to their schedule.

Schedule Jobs
Glackin Electrics
"We are more than happy with TimeKeeper as it is doing a brillant job managing our time and attendance for workers on site."
Kieran Glackin
Managing Director, Glackin Electrics

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