Join our "From Timesheet to Xero Payroll in 60 Seconds" webinar

Join our webinar on how to take your time and attendance data from TimeKeeper to Xero Payroll....
Sean QuinnPosted on Wednesday, March 9th 2022

Keep your calendar clear for Thursday 10th March 2022 at 3pm, as we cover how to streamline your Xero payroll timesheet processes.

We all love Xero, but let's face it, entering timesheets into Xero Payroll can be a bit of chore.

Maybe you are entering timesheets manually or perhaps spending time calculating how much regular and overtime each employee is due?

In this webinar, we'll go over how TimeKeeper can help solve this issue for you, including:

  • What is TimeKeeper and how does it work?
  • How does it integrate with Xero?
  • Why TimeKeeper is better than using the alternatives including Xero Me.
  • A demonstration of sending an employees timesheet from Xero Payroll in less than 60 seconds

So please join us, and we will show you how we can help make timesheet processing a breeze!

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