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How to Hack your Annual Leave in 2024

How to maximise your annual leave allowance in 2024...
Sean QuinnPosted on Monday, December 11th 2023

Want to turn your 20 days of annual leave into 46 days away from the office? Use our guide to book the best days off in 2024 to maximise your annual leave.

Which dates to book off in March

Take 16 consecutive days away from the office for Easter, by booking just 8 days of annual leave. By requesting off the 25th-28th March and 2nd-5th April, you'll have a full two weeks away from your desk.

Which dates to book off in May

Treat yourself to two week long breaks in spring, by booking off 7th-10th May and 28th-31st May. With just 8 days of leave, you'll get a total of 18 days off to enjoy some spring sunshine.

When to book off over Christmas 2024

Fancy a long break over the festive period? Turn 4 days of annual leave allowance into 12 days off (13 days if you're lucky enough to live in Scotland, due to the additional New Year's bank holiday). Just make sure you've requested off the 23rd, 24th, 27th and 30th of December before your colleagues beat you to it!

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