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Sean QuinnPosted on Friday, November 20th 2020

One of the key factors for running a successful business is the proactive, highly-competent management of employees.

One particularly important element of employee management is the scheduling of their work plan, as this can mean the difference between maximum productivity and a lack of productivity.

This doesn’t mean an increase in the amount of paperwork that’s required, however. Nor does it mean excessive report generating or constant messages being sent back and forth via WhatsApp.

TimeKeeper has a built-in digital job scheduler, which allows administrator staff to set the specific jobs that employees are due to work on.

The benefits that this job scheduler can bring to your business are many and varied….

Better Organisation

It goes without saying that, by using a job scheduler, managers have all the information that they require at the touch of a button. This means that they are fully up to date with the tasks that have been assigned to each employee, and with the current status of those tasks.

Reduces Workload

By having all of their employees’ work schedules available - both on desktops while in the office and on mobile gadgets when out on site - managers feel more in control of both work plans and project scheduling.

Keeps Employees Focused

This improved method of organisation works well for employees too. The built-in job scheduler enables employees to know exactly where they should be and what they should be doing. This enables employees to simply turn up at a job, fully organised and prepared for the task ahead. As an added bonus, the scheduler also allows employees to plan ahead, making them feel more empowered and in control of their own work schedule.

Improves Lines of Communication

Employees – particularly those who are on the road or out of the office on site – often need to contact the office on a regular basis with queries about jobs. The scheduler removes the need for employees to constantly contact the office with queries about what they should be doing – and when.

Removes Potential For Errors

As many managers and employees will fully realise, clients can often change details – such as deadlines - about jobs. By using the scheduler’s push notification, TimeKeeper can simply tell employees if their schedules have changed and employees can quickly view the changes on the app. This facility – which is particularly convenient when employees are out on site - ensures that the potential for error is greatly reduced, if not eliminated completely.

Improves Administration

In addition to enabling employees to simply turn up to jobs fully in control of their work schedule and work plan, TimeKeeper also enables staff to run off reports showing how much time each employee spent on each job. This not only improves the administrative process, but ensures maximum productivity for the business – all without the need for a paper trail or audit!

With TimeKeeper’s built-in job scheduler, you can ease the burden of work scheduling for your employees – and yourself!

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