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Hack your Annual Leave: Best dates to book off in Ireland 2023

Turn your 20 days annual leave allowance into 47 days off with this guide...
Sean QuinnPosted on Friday, February 17th 2023

Make the most of your annual leave allowance by booking off these dates, to turn just 20 days of annual leave into 47 consecutive days away from your desk.

Best days to book off in March

Take a whole week off to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland; St Patrick's day falls on Friday 17th March this year, so you can book off the 13th-16th March to turn 4 days of annual leave into a 9 day long break.

Best days to book off in April

The next opportunity for a long break comes over Easter, when you can turn 5 days of leave into 10 days off (you'll only need to use up 4 days of your allowance if your employer already gives Good Friday as a paid day off). You'll just need to request off the 7th and 11th-14th April.

Best days to book off in May

Make the most of the early May Bank Holiday, by booking off the following 4 days from 2nd-5th May, and take 9 days away from your desk.

Best days to book off in June

For a final long break in June, take off the 4 days following the early June Bank Holiday. Booking off 6th-9th June will land you 9 days consecutively out of office.

Best days to book of in December

In 2023, Christmas Day and Saint Stephen's day fall on Monday and Tuesday. Taking off the 27th, 28th and 29th December will bank you a whole 10 days away from the office to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, using just 3 days of annual leave.

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