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New: Organise your Shifts in our Rota Planner

Plan your rota and keep your employees up-to-date on their upcoming shifts...
Sean QuinnPosted on Friday, October 14th 2022

Planning out your shift schedule to ensure your business is never understaffed and communicating this schedule to your employees is a key challenge for most businesses, especially in the hospitality and care industries, where being one team member down can cause serious issues for your standard of service.

In our latest system update, we've unveiled a brand new rota planner, which allows you to drag and drop colour-coded shifts to plan out your perfect schedule. Our fresh mobile app update now includes a section for employees to view their upcoming shifts, and they'll even recieve a push notification as soon as you publish a new rota - meaning everyone has the most up to date information about where they're needed, and when.

You'll now be able to plan your employee's schedule and manage their clock in entries all from our simple web portal, so you can say goodbye to your paper rotas, as well as paper timesheets.

Drag and drop to move a shift

When you add a new employee to TimeKeeper, you can now mark this employee as a shift worker; you'll then be able to schedule this employee in the brand new Rota Planner, and we'll use their shifts for that week to determine their working pattern. If they forget to clock in or out for a shift, we'll remind them via the app at the right time. You can mark your existing employees as shift workers too, if they're moving away from a fixed working pattern to a more flexible schedule.

Within each shift, you can determine a break duration (which will automatically deduct from their timesheet once they clock in for that shift) as well as giving your shift a title. If you need to add important information to this shift, you can do so in the notes section. Once they're logged into the TimeKeeper app, your employees will be able to view their assigned shifts for the week in the 'My Shifts' section, along with reading any notes you've left for them.

Configure each shift with a title, break duration, colour and notes

Ensuring your team are kept up to date with changes and are notified with plenty of time is key, so that any potential staffing issues can be raised and dealt with. We'll let them know whenever you publish and edit their rota via a push notification from the app, and they'll be able to check back in on their upcoming shifts at any time.

Once you've found the perfect schedule that works for your business, you can copy your week's rota and paste it into another week in a few clicks.

Ready to save time and money by managing your employees' rota paperlessly? Try it out with a free 14 day trial, with no card details needed.

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