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Public Holiday Calendar for Ireland 2024

Our guide to the 2024 Bank Holiday calendar for the Republic of Ireland...
Sean QuinnPosted on Monday, December 18th 2023

What are the Bank Holiday dates for the Republic of Ireland?

In 2024, there are 10 Bank Holidays in Ireland. These include:

  • New Year's Day (Monday 1st January)
  • Saint Brigid's Day (Monday 5th February)
  • Saint Patrick's Day (Sunday 17th March)
  • Easter Monday (Monday 1st April)
  • May Day Bank Holiday (Monday 6th May)
  • June Bank Holiday (Monday 3rd June)
  • August Bank Holiday (Monday 5th August)
  • October Bank Holiday (Monday 28th October)
  • Christmas Day (Wednesday 25th December)
  • Saint Stephen's Day (Thursday 26th December)

Are all Bank Holidays paid in Ireland?

Full time employees in Ireland are entitled to a 'benefit' for Bank Holidays, which can either mean:

  • a paid day off for the Bank Holiday
  • a paid day off within the month of the Bank Holiday
  • an additional day of paid annual leave at another time
  • an additional day's pay

Do part time workers get paid Bank Holidays in Ireland?

If the part time employee has worked at least 40 hours in the 5 weeks prior to the Bank Holiday, they'll also qualify for a benefit. 

For a part time employee who is usually scheduled to work on the day the Bank Holiday falls, if they're still asked to work, they'll receive either an additional day's pay or an additional day of annual leave. If they're not able to work as the business is closed, they'll still receive a day's pay. 

For part time employees who wouldn't usually be scheduled to work that day, they'll be entitled to one-fifth of their weekly pay in compensation for the Bank Holiday.

Should Bank Holidays be included in leave entitlement?

Bank Holidays in the Republic of Ireland are not included in an employee's statutory 4 weeks (20 days) of annual leave, and are instead given in addition.

In TimeKeeper, the Public Holiday calendar function allows you to add a list of non-deductible dates to an employee's leave record automatically. 

The correct Bank Holiday dates for the region will be loaded for 2024 in a few clicks. These dates can be edited if needed, and additional dates (such as company closure) can be added too. You can also configure that these days off are paid, so that the correct number of leave hours are added to each employee's timesheet.

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