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Public Holiday Calendar for Northern Ireland 2023

Your guide to the Public Holidays in Northern Ireland for 2023...
Sean QuinnPosted on Monday, June 5th 2023

How many Bank Holidays are there in 2023?

In a usual year, there are 10 Bank Holidays in Northern Ireland, which is two more than in England and Wales, and one more than in Scotland. 2023 sees another additional holiday, with a day off to mark the Coronation of King Charles.

  • New Year's Day (2nd January 2023)
  • Saint Patrick's Day (17th March 2023)
  • Good Friday (7th April 2023)
  • Easter Monday (10th April 2023)
  • Early May Bank Holiday (1st May 2023)
  • Coronation of King Charles III (8th May 2023)
  • Spring Bank Holiday (29th May 2023)
  • The Battle of the Boyne - Orangemen's Day (12th July 2023)
  • Summer Bank Holiday (28th August 2023)
  • Christmas Day (25th December 2023)
  • Boxing Day (26th December 2023)

When is the next bank holiday in Northern Ireland?

The next Bank Holiday is Christmas Day (25th December 2023).

Do Northern Ireland get the same bank holidays as the rest of the UK?

No, there are 2 additional bank holidays in Northern Ireland, meaning it has the most bank holidays of any region in the UK.

Is Saint Patrick's Day a bank holiday in Northern Ireland?

Yes, Saint Patrick's Day (17th March) is an officially recognised holiday across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, with employees receiving a day off to mark the occasion.

What are the extra bank holidays in Northern Ireland?

Saint Patrick's Day (17th March) and The Battle of the Boyne (Orangemen's Day - 12th July) are the two additional bank holidays which are celebrated in Northern Ireland, but aren't given as days off in the rest of the UK.

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