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Overtime Tracking Made Simple

Learn how to process payroll effortlessly, even with multiple employee overtime rates and rules...
Sean QuinnPosted on Wednesday, August 30th 2023

Keeping track of your employees' overtime during busy periods for your business can get complicated, especially if your company operates multiple overtime rates and rules. Learn how to automatically track overtime to remove your payroll headaches.

Paperless Time Tracking

Before you can calculate overtime, you need to know exactly how long your employees worked, and when. TimeKeeper allows you to set their usual working schedule, and will send them notifications reminding them to clock-in via the mobile app. We'll keep track of all their clock-ins and outs, and automatically generate a timesheet for them.

Customisable Overtime Settings

Configure each employee’s schedule and settings to suit your rules, then let us do the hard work. We’ll generate timesheets from their clock in data, and calculate their overtime hours due per day or week.

TimeKeeper supports multiple rates of overtime pay too; whether that’s double time at weekends, or special pay rates for overnight shifts, we have the flexibility you need.

Take Control of Payroll

Once you've configured your settings to fit your needs, you can leave the rest to us. Our overtime tracking means you can easily see which employees are working more than their contracted hours - helping you to make strategic staffing decisions for the future.

Time to process payroll? We'll collate all hours worked, overtime and rates into a handy employee timesheet, and you can export it in the format you need or integrate directly with your payroll software.

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