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Simple Guide to Managing Employee Overtime

Learn how to process payroll effortlessly, even with multiple employee overtime rates and rules...
Penelope HillPosted on Friday, June 24th 2022

Keeping track of your employees' overtime during busy periods for your business can get complicated, especially if your company operates multiple overtime rates and rules. Learn how to automatically track overtime, and remove your payroll headaches.

Paperless Time Tracking

Before you can calculate overtime, you need to know exactly how long your employees worked, and when. TimeKeeper allows you to set their usual working schedule, and will send them notifications reminding them to clock-in if they've forgotten. We'll keep track of all their clock-ins and outs, and automatically generate a timesheet for them.

Enabling and Tracking Overtime

Now we know your employee's usual work schedule, we can decide to pay them overtime outside of this - and configure your rules and rates to fit your unique needs. Depending on your company's policy, you can choose to pay overtime over a certain number of hours per week (for example, after 40 hours), a certain number of hours per day, or after a set time of day (say, after 5pm).

Handling Multiple Overtime Rate Multipliers

Processing overtime with multiple different pay rates can quickly get confusing. Want to pay the standard rate for overtime in the week, but double time on a Sunday? In TimeKeeper, you'll have full flexibility to set different overtime multipliers for every day of the week.

Processing Payroll

Once you've configured your settings to fit your needs, you can leave the rest to us. We'll keep track of total overtime worked and the number of hours worked at each rate automatically. Time to process payroll? We'll collate all hours worked, overtime and rates into a handy employee timesheet, and you can export it in the format you need or integrate directly with your payroll software.

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