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Calculate Labour Cost Percentage with our free calculator.

As the old saying goes, time is money and that's especially true in a shift-based business! One important metric to watch is your Labour Cost Percentage.

What is Labour Cost Percentage? Well it's a simple metric that divides your cost of your labour for a time period (say a week) over the sales or revenue for that week.

For example, if you had £1000 in labour costs in a given week and £2000 in sales in that week, your labour cost percentage would be 50%.

The goal for most business owners is to make sure this labour cost is never exceeding 100% and to keep it as low as possible, so that you are making an expected level of profits in your business.

You can calculate your labour cost percentage in your business with our free calculator!

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The above calculation is just one of many things you have to keep on top of when managing labour in your business.

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