Timesheet Calculator

Calculate an employee's weekly timesheet with our free calculator.

This simple timesheet calculator helps you to compute an employee's weekly working hours and pay.

Here's how to use it:

  1. For each day of the week, enter the start time, end time, and any break time taken.
  2. Enter the total number of contracted hours for the week.
  3. Input the hourly rate for the employee.
  4. Input the overtime rate for the employee.
  5. The calculator will display the total hours worked, total overtime (if any), and the total pay based on the entered data.
  6. You can also click the "Print" button to print out the calculated timesheet.

Use this calculator to efficiently manage your employees' working hours and ensure accurate payroll calculations.

Remember, with great power comes great payroll responsibility – and maybe a few less headaches!

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