Time and Attendance

TimeKeeper is designed to be simple enough for employees to use, yet flexible enough to suit the needs of most small businesses.

See below for some common use cases.

Multiple Employee Access

Time Clock Kiosk

If you'd like one device for multiple employees to clock in from, you can use TimeKeeper Kiosk.

Kiosk is typically run on a tablet fixed to a wall. Each employee is assigned a unique 4 digit pin that they can use in Kiosk mode to clock in and out.

TimeKeeper on iOs App StoreTimeKeeper on Google Play Store
Tablet for Multiple Employees to Clock In Via
Individual Employee Access

Mobile GPS Time Tracking

Employees can be enabled to use TimeKeeper on their iOS or Android mobile through their own employee account. GPS is required for clocking in on mobile and geofences can be set up.

TimeKeeper on iOs App StoreTimeKeeper on Google Play Store
GPS Location on Mobile App Clock In
Supports Web, Tablet and Mobile

Time and Attendance Anywhere

Administrative staff can access the web portal 24/7 to run real-time timesheets, manage employee time entries, manage employee leave and more.

Meanwhile, employees can access the web portal (or app) to check their weekly timesheets, review their remaining leave etc. so you don't get the same questions week in, week out.

Syncing employee timesheets
Power in Flexibility

Customise to suit your business

TimeKeeper can be tweaked to fit the needs of your business by simply clicking a few buttons. Some examples below:

Optional Photo and Facial Recognition on Entry

Enable whether you want to take a photo on entry and if you want to apply facial recognition.

Require Tracking Time on Jobs

Ensure that all time worked by employees is tracked against a particular job.

Delegate Time Off Approval

Enable managers to approve time off for the employees they are responsible for.

Configurable Leave Types

Add your own leave types that are paid, unpaid, deductible, etc. that we will track for you.

Enable Manual Timesheets

You can enable employees to submit their own timesheets whenever they want via the app.

Supports Shift and Fixed Working Patterns

TimeKeeper is flexible to work with shift and fixed working pattern employees.

Rounding Rules

Ensure all times are rounded according to your company policy.

Flexibility to tune to each business
ABax Electrical
"We have found TimeKeeper very useful to our business, not only does it cut out hours of administration with timesheets & holiday pay, but it also increases productivity on our sites."
Neil Frew
Contracts Manager, ABax Electrical

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