Ditch your manual
staff rota today

Still using manual staff rotas in 2024? Maybe you are tired of answering questions like "When am I working this week?" or making changes to a messy print out rota.

With TimeKeeper, you can plan your staff rota online while employees can check when they are working at anytime.

View upcoming shifts

Employees know when they are expected to work

Although a manual shift rota is easy to change, it's very difficult to keep employees up to date when they are expected to attend work.

With TimeKeeper, employees can view their upcoming shifts at any time on the TimeKeeper mobile app.

Additionally, any time a change is made to that employees' schedule, we will send them a push notification to keep them updated.

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View upcoming employee shifts on a mobile app
Simple Intuitive UX

Easy to learn and simple to schedule

The rota planner has been designed to make common everyday tasks a breeze. For example, if you need to change a shift to another employee, simply drag that shift across to the right employee!

Perhaps an employee is booked off on leave? Well in TimeKeeper we highlight any days they are off so you know that they aren't available.

Or maybe you want to start with last week's rota? Well simply click a button to copy from one week to another in an instant.

Drag and drop employee shifts to schedule for multiple employees
All-in-One platform

Rota + Timesheets + Leave = ♡

Rota planning is only the start, once they are scheduled to work, how do you know they turned up on time and how long each employee has worked?

Luckily TimeKeeper has all the other features you might need including an employee time clock, tracking employee leave, managing employee documents and much more. The best thing being that this all comes in one simple price per employee for all features, what's not to love!

Employee timesheets, leave and more for shift based workers
Lagan Engineering
"The ease of use and flexibility within the software for our administrators and payroll department plus the tight security and protection from misuse with our employees means we have real peace of mind in our timekeeping, something that we had struggled with for years."
Brian Lagan
Managing Director, Lagan Engineering

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