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Mobile or Tablet based Timesheets

Why use paper timesheets when everyone has a device in their back pocket?

TimeKeeper runs on your everyday mobiles and tablets allowing you and your staff to clock in and out when they need to. Additionally, you can utilise advanced features like clocking in with a photo and facial recognition checks.

Showing Man Using Mobile or Tablet to Clock In
Perfect for cleaners on client sites

Geofenced GPS Clock Ins

Your cleaning business likely serves many different clients, across a wide range of locations.

Mobile apps allow your employees to clock in remotely at as many locations as you choose, all over the world - and you can set geofence boundaries, to ensure they only clock in when they arrive at a job.

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GPS Location on Mobile App Clock In
Track different jobs for different clients

Effortlessly track time on jobs and clients

Get more from your time tracking by asking your employees to select a job before clocking in, and link multiple jobs to one client.

We'll automatically track how many hours your employees spend on each particular project/clients, which you can calculate anytime with an in-built report.

Tracking time on jobs report
Live Who's In

See who's clocked in, in real time

When managing a remote team across multiple client sites, much of your time is spent on back-and-forth phone calls to ensure your employees have turned up to work on time and are where they need to be.

TimeKeeper keeps a live list of each worker's latest clock-in location, meaning you don't have to call them to check if an employee is in. You can check this anytime via your mobile or the web portal.

Markers of who is in on each building site
Managing and Tracking Employee Leave

Managing Time In + Time On Leave

If you have a large team or lots of staff, it can be easy to lose track of who is on holiday and when. Even things like how much holiday each employee has left is time-consuming to track!

Here at TimeKeeper we can keep all this managed for you as well at no extra cost. Employees can make leave requests via the app that can be approved by their relevant line manager. Additionally, you can plan your team availability with our digital wall calendar.

Viewing staff absences on a wall calendar
Perfect Payroll Integrations

Integrate into your payroll process

We'll do the heavy lifting in taking your timesheets to payroll. We can calculate the right amount of regular and overtime to give each employee.

Then sending timesheets data from TimeKeeper to your payroll provider is a breeze! Current integCorations include Xero, Sage, MoneySoft and BrightPay as well as export to CSV and Excel.

Payroll integration with Xero, Sage, MoneySoft and BrightPay
Country Connect
"TimeKeeper has really helped to manage our employees' time and holidays efficiently, and the technical support has been excellent."
Alex Foulds
Executive Assistant, Country Connect

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