Timesheet software for
busy manufacturing businesses

Go digital with your employee time and attendance to ensure the jobs in your manufacturing business are running efficiently and on time.

Job Timesheets

Track Time on Jobs

With TimeKeeper, employees can select a job when clocking in to log time spent on that job.

Each clock in is verified by snapping a picture, logging the time and performing facial recognition so each clock in is verified to eliminate buddy clock ins.

Showing Man Using Facial Recognition On Clock In
Job Efficiency + Productivity

Visibility into your job takt time

The problem with manual or paper timesheets is that it's easy to record information, but hard to glean insights from those records.

With TimeKeeper, as everything is structured for you we can give you instant reports on how much time is being spent on jobs, by who and when. Allowing you to guarantee that you are making money on your jobs.

TimeKeeper Timesheets
Flexible clock in options

Kiosk, Mobile and Web Clock In

If you'd like one device for multiple employees to clock in from, you can use TimeKeeper Kiosk. Kiosk is typically run on a tablet fixed with a wall mount to an area in the factory.

Alternatively, employees can be enabled to use their individual mobile phones or web to clock in and out.

TimeKeeper on iOs App StoreTimeKeeper on Google Play Store
Multiple Device
Staff Leave Management

Manage Employee Time Off

Staff need time off here and there, why make it harder by using manual records? You may be tired of staff asking you how many holidays they have left or sick days they have used?

TimeKeeper manages your staff leave for you. Our app allows your employees to request their holidays which require approval from their line manager. The line manager can approve or decline this with the touch of a button.

Request annual leave for an employee
Keep your employees on the right job

Integrated job scheduler

Get rid of that production board that's constantly being updated. Use our integrated web job scheduler to plan your jobs for your employees.

We'll automatically notify your employees via a push notification of changes to their schedule.

Schedule Jobs
Lagan Engineering
"The ease of use and flexibility within the software for our administrators and payroll department plus the tight security and protection from misuse with our employees means we have real peace of mind in our timekeeping, something that we had struggled with for years."
Brian Lagan
Managing Director, Lagan Engineering

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