Keep track of
visitors coming and going in your business

Impress your guests with a sleek modern visitor sign in via a tablet. TimeKeeper will keep an up to date digital visitor book so your guests are accounted for.

Paid add on at £29/month.

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Sleek, modern visitor experience

Impress your visitors on entry

Let's face it, a paper sign in books isn't a good first impression.

Instead present a sleek iPad or Android tablet at reception, that gives your business a modern, professional look.

Modern sleek visitor entry
Digital Visitor Book

Paperless, digital visitor book

Need to check who's visited last week? Maybe you are tired of flicking through paper visitor books.

TimeKeeper allows you to maintain a digital visitor book that allows you to see who's currently visiting in each location.

Paperless digital visitor book
Instant Employee Visitor Notifications

Notify your employees when guests arrive

When a visitor select the employee they are there to visit, TimeKeeper will notify the employee in question with an email and push notification.

This means your employee will be aware instantly when their visitor is waiting at Reception.

Notifying employees via email/notification
Simple visitor sign in and out

Let's see it in action

Once the visitor add on has been enabled on your account, visitors can sign in and out via the TimeKeeper kiosk.

TimeKeeper will keep track of all the visitiors signed in and out across your premises. This means your "Who's In" report is kept up to date with your employees and visitors. As well that, TimeKeeper will keep a digitial visitor book allowing you to keep an audit trail of visitors in your business.

Glackin Electrics
"We are more than happy with TimeKeeper as it is doing a brillant job managing our time and attendance for workers on site."
Kieran Glackin
Managing Director, Glackin Electrics

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