Simple Web Clocking for
your staff

Allow your employees to simply clock in and out from their computer as well as record time worked on jobs.

How it Works

Clocking in on the Web

Once staff have been enabled to use 'Web Clock In', they will see the option to clock in on the TimeKeeper web portal home screen.

All they have to do is select clock in and clock out. Additionally they can add a note or select the job that they are working on. We'll take care of keeping track of how long is spent on each job.

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Employee clocking in on computer on the web
Clock In and Out Every Device

Clock In via Mobile and Kiosk

Additionally, TimeKeeper supports employees clocking in via mobile app or the TimeKeeper Kiosk on a tablet.

This means you could have on-premise kiosk, travelling employees clocking in on the mobile app while your office/desk-based employees clock in via the web portal.

TimeKeeper on iOs App StoreTimeKeeper on Google Play Store
Clock In on Web, Tablet or Mobile
Leave Management for

We also can manage your employee leave

Still using leave request sheets? Staff asking you how many holidays they have left or sick days they have used?

TimeKeeper can manage your staff leave for you at no extra cost. Employees can request their holidays via the app or web which require approval from their line manager. The line manager can approve or decline this with the touch of a button.

Request annual leave for an employee
Employee Timesheets

Automatic generated employee timesheets

Administrative staff can access the web portal 24/7 to run real-time timesheets, manage employee time entries, manage employee leave and more.

Meanwhile, employees can access the web portal (or app) to check their weekly timesheets, review their remaining leave etc. so you don't get the same questions week in, week out.

Syncing employee timesheets
Country Connect
"TimeKeeper has really helped to manage our employees' time and holidays efficiently, and the technical support has been excellent."
Alex Foulds
Executive Assistant, Country Connect

Staff working from a computer?
Let them clock in via the web.