Seamless Timesheet app
for Xero Payroll

Xero is an amazing accounting platform and TimeKeeper is (we think) a great time and attendance platform.

Why not combine the two? Record detailed employee timesheets in TimeKeeper and send instantly to Xero Payroll in a few clicks.

Xero TimeKeeper Sync Integration
Beautiful timesheet integration

How does the integration work?

TimeKeeper and Xero are both hosted in the cloud, so it's a simple straightforward case of telling us what timesheets you want to send to Xero for which employees.

In a few clicks, the data is transferred directly to your Xero Payroll for you to process your pay run.

Does it take into account employee working patterns and overtime rules?

Yes! TimeKeeper has a sophisticated timesheet and overtime engine built in, when we export to Xero we export the correct amount of regular and overtime hours for each employee based on their working pattern.

Does it support matching time against Xero Earning Rates?

Yes! As part of the process of exporting, we'll help guide you through mapping your regular and overtime time rates in TimeKeeper to the equivalent Xero Earning Rates.

Does it support Payroll UK, Payroll AU and Payroll NZ?

Currently we support Payroll UK and Payroll NZ Xero - we do not support Payroll AU users as of yet.

Can you help our company set this up?

Yes - we will jump on a call with you free of charge to set up your integration between TimeKeeper and Xero as well as answer any queries you may have. It's really simple.

Country Connect
"TimeKeeper has really helped to manage our employees' time and holidays efficiently, and the technical support has been excellent."
Alex Foulds
Executive Assistant, Country Connect

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