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4 Time Tracking Apps to Use Instead of Deputy 2024

Here's the lowdown on some of the leading Time Tracking Apps this year...
Mandy WebbPosted on Thursday, June 27th 2024

Deputy takes care of scheduling staff, time clocking and collating timesheets. Hundreds of thousands of workplaces, globally, trust Deputy with these tasks day in, day out. But perhaps Deputy isn't quite for you, maybe it's a little complex or you just want to look at something different. With this in mind, we’ve explored some of the alternatives to Deputy, along with the pros, cons and features available from competitors.

Here's a quick overview of the features on offer across the apps we've explored:

1) TimeKeeper

All-rounder, suited to small - medium businesses, remote, onsite and temporary workers.

TimeKeeper Features: Time tracking, employee leave and absence management, project/job tracking, facial recognition, rota planner, overtime calculations, payroll integrations.

TimeKeeper Pros:

  • User friendly cloud based app, available for Android and iOS
  • Integrates with multiple payroll systems such as Sage50, BrightPay, Xero
  • Excellent and responsive customer support via live chat
  • Useful add-ons such as Employee Messenger, Working Time Regulation Management and more.

TimeKeeper Cons: 

  • Some limitations with job scheduler UI, filtering complete jobs for example.
  • Reports aren’t currently customisable which may be an issue for some organisations.

TimeKeeper Pricing: Sign up for a 2 week free trial followed by a tiered subscription model depending on the number of employees:

Employees 1-50: £3.50
Employees 51-250: £3.15
Employees 251+: £2.80

Priced per employee, per month.+ optional add-ons available.

Average price (June 2024) based on 50 users £175 pcm.

2) Connecteam

Good for Communication. Suited to larger business, and those spread across different geographical locations (multi clock/time zone feature)

Connecteam Features: Time tracking (including multi time zone), GPS, leave and overtime management, facial recognition, messenger function, custom checklist templates.

Connecteam Pros: 

  • Range of integration options available
  • One click payroll ability via integrations
  • Employee rewards
  • World Clock options

Connecteam Cons:

  • Mobile app can be tricky to master
  • Complex pricing plans with some of the more relevant features only available at the higher price point.

Connecteam Pricing: Offer a 2 week free trial. The below pricing is per 'hub' (3 hubs available). In order to access all features, you'd need all 3 hubs enabled.

Basic: $35 per month for the first 30 users and $0.60 per user per month for additional users
Advanced: $59 per month for the first 30 users and $1.80 per user per month for additional users.
Expert: $119 per month for the first 30 users and $3.60 per user per month for additional users. Advanced with less limitations.

Average price (June 2024) based on 50 users £223.31 pcm.

3) Timeero

Best for Mileage Tracking. Most suited to organisations with site / field based workers.

Timeero Features: Employee time tracking, accurate and comprehensive mileage tracking, digital clock in, geofencing, rota and shift management

Timeero Pros: 

  • Multiple payroll software integration options
  • Mobile app is hightly rated accross Android and iOS
  • Easy to use platform.
  • Accurate GPS tracking.

Timeero Cons: 

  • Features are less advanced when compared with competitors.
  • A lot of the useful features are only available at the higher price points.

Timeero Price:
$4 per user per month (max 10 users)
Pro: $8 per user per month
$11 per user per month
Enterprise: POA

Average price (June 2024) based on 50 users £313.22 pcm

4) Quickbooks Time

Best for Payroll. Suited for small- medium sized business, site and remote workers, sole traders.
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Quickbooks Time Features:
Employee time tracking, invoice and payroll, digital timesheets, leave tracking, GPS and visibility of who's working on what, mobile app, projects and jobs.

Quickbooks Time Pros:

  • Real-time tracking for employees on site, via GPS and geofencing
  • Effective mobile app and web dashboard
  • Quickbooks integration and streamlined payroll

Quickbooks Time Cons:

  • Top end of the pricing scale compared to other similar products
  • UX can be difficult to get to grips with
  • Limited integration options with third-party tools

Quickbooks Time Pricing: Introductory pricing includes a discount that lasts for 6 months.

Self-Employed: £1 (£10 thereafter)
Simple Start: £1.40 (£14 thereafter)
Essentials: £7 (£28 thereafter)
Plus: £9.50 (£38 thereafter)
Advance: £22.50 (£90 thereafter)

Average price (June 2024) based on 50 users £875 pcm - Essentials package (£350 pcm rising to £1400pcm after discount expires (6 months))

There are a plethora of time tracking apps available, boasting everything from GPS and geofencing, project management and payroll calculations. There's sure to be an app that ticks all the boxes for your organisation.

All pricing shown excludes VAT.

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