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World Backup Day 2022

The 31st March is World Backup Day 2022. Check out our 4 quick backup tips to help ensure data integrity in your business....
Sean QuinnPosted on Thursday, March 31st 2022

The 31st March is World Backup Day 2022 which is an annual reminder to have sufficient data loss prevention techniques setup in your business. Everyone knows the value of business data, so having a recovery mechanism in place is critical to minimising business disruption when disaster strikes!

Here are 4 quick backup tips for your business:

Backups Tips

  1. Setup a backup process check

Ensure that you have a process in place for performing and checking backups in your business. Maybe it's a nightly process or weekly. Set this as an action item on your daily or weekly meetings as checkbox exercises. That way you won't go a long time in your business without ensuring that your backups are taking place.

2. Check restore backup regularly

A backup is only as good as the restore check. Unfortunately, a common issue is where businesses have been taking backups for a long time but haven't checked that the restore works also. That means when disaster strikes, if the restore doesn't work - sure it's as good as having no backups. So as part of your process check, make sure that backup restores are also verified to be working.

3. Move from internally managed software to cloud software

Older businesses typically ran on their own server, leaving the backup and maintenance solely in the hands of the internal IT team.

Nowadays, lots of cloud solutions exist that can handle the needs of modern businesses without the requirement for an internal IT team. Some examples include the use of Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft 365 for your document storing needs. These solutions all include sophisticated backup mechanisms as part of your subscription.

4. Streaming machine backups

One of our favourite backup solutions that should be more widely used is takes care of continuously backing up your files to a cloud, so your business machines are constantly protected. This means your weekly or daily backup process check can be a case of, when has BackBlaze last synced their files.

TimeKeeper Backups

We'd be remiss not to mention how TimeKeeper handles timesheet backups. The great thing about cloud-based systems such as TimeKeeper is that they have your data backup needs covered as part of your subscription.

In TimeKeeper, we take nightly copies of your backups as well as have intra-day point-in-time restores for your data. We also maintain these backups for a period of time thereafter.

Check out TimeKeeper today for your timesheet needs at

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