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Best Leave Management Apps for 2024

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Sean QuinnPosted on Monday, October 30th 2023

We all know the importance of annual leave; giving your team a well deserved break is key to keeping them motivated, and ensures their wellbeing long-term. But great absence policies require great leave management software - which is why we've ranked the top 5 holiday tracking apps for your team.

1. TimeKeeper

If you're looking for easy holiday management, TimeKeeper's leave tracking is simple enough to implement for your whole team. With unlimited custom leave types, you can keep track of as many paid or unpaid types of leave as your business offers.

Configuring the system to fit your businesses' rules is easy, with rules on how many days each employee can carry over and how much notice you require for requests. Team leave limits mean you'll never be stuck short staffed again, and important dates can be locked down to give you full control.

Each employee's direct manager can be set, to easily delegate leave approvals. Managers will receive requests straight to their email inbox, and can approve or deny in a few clicks.

Their leave 'wall calendar' gives you an at-a-glance view of your whole company's leave, so you have total visibility of your staffing levels. Important dates are flagged on there too, so you'll never forget a birthday or work anniversary again.

If you're looking for an all-round time and attendance solution, TimeKeeper's leave and time tracking features integrate seamlessly. Paid leave hours are added to each employee's timesheet automatically, so you can be sure that their holiday pay will be correct every time with no manual calculations.

Pricing: TimeKeeper's monthly subscription costs £3.50 +VAT per employee per month, and gives you access to all the workforce management features you could need. You'll have access to leave management, timesheets, project tracking and HR functions too.

If you need time to test it out, try a 14 day free trial with no commitment.

Requesting leave is simple via the TimeKeeper app

2. Factorial

Factorial's leave tracking feature is simple; employees can request time off via the app, and their assigned supervisor can approve this.

Their team leave calendar allows you to see who's off at a glance, and allows employees to keep an eye on their remaining leave.

Overall, it has all the basic features you need to manage your team's time off.

Pricing: Their 'Operations Hub' package allows you to streamline your HR Processes, and includes leave management alongside scheduling and payroll. It's one of the more expensive options on the market though, starting at £4.10 per employee per month.

If you require additional HR features such as project tracking and expense management, you'll need to add on more plans to your bundle, pushing the price up further.

3. edays

Another simple leave management solution, edays allows employees to request leave via a mobile app for managers to approve.

Although most of the features they provide are standard in most other leave management platforms, they do excel in global workforce management. If you're a global employer who needs to ensure compliance across a wide range of territories with different annual leave laws, edays may be a good choice.

Pricing: You'll need to request a quote for a price, as their pricing isn't transparent. However, employee licences start from £12.99 a year for their most basic package.

4. HiBob

If you're in the market for a more complete HR package, HiBob may be a good option for you.

Their leave management feature allows employees to request leave (along with performing lots of other actions) from within the app, and requests can even be sent to Slack via their handy integration.

For a small business though, the amount of features may be overwhelming. HiBob's features mostly focus on culture and employee engagement - if you're just after a simple app to track your team's holiday requests, you might find you're paying for unnecessary add-ons.

Pricing: Again, their pricing isn't transparent, so you'll need to get in touch for a bespoke quote.

5. Rotageek

Designed to suit businesses with a shift-based workforce, Rotageek allows employees to request time off via their mobile app.

Their offering has most of the standard features you'd expect from your modern leave management software, including team leave limits and the ability to lock important dates.

If you're in need of a time and attendance solution for your flexible workforce which integrates holiday requests, Rotageek is a great choice, but its leave tracking functionality doesn't stand out on it's own.

Pricing: Their pricing isn't available without getting in touch with a representative, but each user license will cost around £15 per month.

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