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Time and Attendance goes mobile

Replace timesheets with a simple to use app that works with the mobile in your pocket....
Sean QuinnPosted on Monday, April 20th 2020

An important component of any time and attendance system is the ability to support workers who are mobile in their job who are moving between locations daily.

Nowadays everyone carries around a smartphone - with the majority of these devices being an Android or iPhone device. Traditional time and attendance systems required the staff to write their hours on paper timesheets or cart around specialised hardware that typically is expensive to purchase, tricky to configure and generally quite large.

When we sat down to dream up the ideal TimeKeeper app we had a set of criteria that we wanted to meet:

  • Available on recent Android and iOs mobiles
  • Can avail of the standard built-in front-facing camera of the device to take photographs for facial recognition on clocking
  • Make use of the built in GPS sensor of the device to record location of clock ins to record where staff are clocking in
  • Communicate clock in data in real time so the employer can have live actionable reports - such as who's in and where - via our web portal
  • Most importantly, be extremely simple to use - every interaction should be a touch of a button
TimeKeeper Mobile Clock Out with Facial Recognition
TimeKeeper Mobile Clock Out with Facial Recognition

Well we're glad to announce that we've achieved this goal quite a while ago and see customers save time and money with our mobile time and attendance app - eradicating their traditional paper.

So if you are a company who has staff on the road for  work and you want to have a time and attendance system that works for your business - then please check out TimeKeeper.

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