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Time Tracking App for Cleaners

Manage your team and keep track of their hours worked remotely...
Sean QuinnPosted on Thursday, September 1st 2022

Operating a cleaning business means working to tight timescales, upholding the highest standards and often managing a remote team across many different client sites. When it comes to tracking your employees time worked, paper timesheets may be working against you; they're often lost or inaccurate, and don't provide your clients with the reassurance that they're receiving the great service they pay for. Moving to a cloud-based time tracking app can make life easier, for both you and your team.

Clocking in across multiple client sites - with GPS enabled

If your cleaners visit multiple clients and private homes in one day, you'll need a remote clocking system that pin points and verifies their exact GPS location at the point they start, finish or switch jobs, to make sure they're on location. So long as your employees have a smartphone and access to the internet, they'll be able to clock into work with a few taps, and switch to their next job with no time lost inbetween.

Track time worked per client and per job

Get more from your time tracking by asking your employees to select a job before clocking in, and link multiple jobs to one client.

Job tracking allows you to easily see which clients take up most of your workforces' time, and allows you to keep a close eye on your labour budget. When the time comes to send off an invoice to your client, simply run off a job costing report which breaks down all your employees' hours worked for that client, so they can rest assured they're receiving the high quality service they've paid for.

Quickly see who's clocked in, in real time

When managing a remote team across multiple client sites, much of your time is spent on back-and-forth phone calls to ensure your employees have turned up to work on time and are where they need to be.

Eliminate this hassle with live reporting, which shows you exactly when and where your employees clocked in from. Plus, team managers can keep an eye on the employees they manage themselves, giving them total control over their team.

Manage multiple overtime rules

Configure your overtime rules to fit your business; do your overnight cleaners always get more pay after a certain time of night? Or do you want to reward those who work their usual day off with double time? Set your overtime rules to fit your businesses' policy, and let the system automatically calculate their overtime hours for you.

Send reminder notifications automatically

Keep track of even the most forgetful team members, by enabling reminder notifications for employees who have forgotten to clock in or out past their usual scheduled time. Punctuality is key for cleaning jobs with tight turnaround times, so any late clock ins or early leaves will be flagged on your employees timesheet for you to investigate later.

Simplify employee expenses and allowances

Streamline your expenses process and save sorting through piles of reciepts, by utilising the built in Employee Requests feature. Once they're logged into the app, your employees can simply make a request for mileage or allowances, and attach a photo or note for your records. Any approved allowances are then added to their timesheet, so they can be easily reimbursed the next time you run payroll.

Streamline your scheduling

Our dedicated Job Scheduler allows you to allocate jobs and plan out your week in a few clicks. Your employees can easily view their scheduled jobs in the app and clock in against them, ensuring they're always in the right place at the right time.

Manage holidays - and never be short staffed again

Allow your employees to make leave requests via the app and set rules to prevent too many team members being off at once, saving your team from being overworked or short staffed. Our handy Leave Wall Calendar will allow you to view their leave at a glance, to enhance your resource planning and identify any staffing issues ahead of time.

Integrate with your payroll software

Whether your cleaning business runs a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll, you can save countless hours of manual entry by integrating your current accounting software to our cloud based system. In a few clicks, your team's hours will be ready to import into your accounting software - with direct integrations to Xero, and custom export reports for BrightPay, Moneysoft and Sage 50.

No training or expensive equipment required

Get your clocking in system up and running in a few minutes, by downloading the app to your existing devices. Unlike traditional systems which require professional installation and huge investment in specialised clock-in terminals, the TimeKeeper app runs on most Android or iOS devices, making it perfect for small businesses who need a solution with a low set up cost.

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