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Time Tracking for Landscapers and Gardeners

Keep track of your team when they're out and about, and eliminate paper timesheets...
Sean QuinnPosted on Friday, July 15th 2022

Need to track how many hours your employees are working in your gardening or landscaping business? Paper timesheets can be easily fabricated, and are also easily damaged when working outside in all weathers. Moving your employees onto a mobile clock in system means less admin for both you and your team, and more reliable time tracking data to run payroll.

Clock in anywhere - with GPS geofences enabled

Your landscaping business likely serves many different clients, across a wide range of locations. Mobile apps allow your employees to clock in remotely at as many locations as you choose, all over the world - and you can set geofence boundaries, to ensure they only clock in when they arrive at a job. As long as your employees have access to their mobile and 4G or WiFi, they'll be able to clock in with a few taps.

Track different jobs for different clients

Go beyond just tracking raw total hours worked, and track how many hours your employees spend on each particular job or working for each of your clients.

Collecting this information will help you better serve your clients and helps you keep an eye on your labour budget too, as you can set individual pay rates for each employee. Need to send an itemised invoice to a client, which includes how many hours your team worked on each project? Run off a job costing report automatically in seconds, with GPS-stamped employee time cards for extra reassurance on where their budget has been spent.

See who's clocked in and where

Want the added security of being able to keep an eye on your team when they're out and about, and quickly run a roll call in an emergency? Live reporting allows you to view the last clock in time and location for all of your employees, so you'll have up-to-date information about each of your job sites at your fingertips.

You can also delegate team managers, who'll be able to keep track of everyone in their team - which saves back-and-forth phone calls to double check who's on site.

Allow employees to submit requests

Set up custom request types to suit your business, and allow employees to make requests for everything from extra time additions to their timesheet, to expenses for fuel and transport.

You can also easily track employee leave, and allow your team to request their holidays via the app. Need to ensure you're never short staffed? Set up simple rules to ensure each team only has a set number of employees off at one time.

Run employee timesheets and integrate with payroll

Save countless hours at the end of every month, and spend your time outside doing what you love instead. Say goodbye to manually calculating your employees' pay entitlement, and simply run off automated reports and timesheets. If you're using Xero, Sage, BrightPay or Moneysoft to run your payroll, you can save even more time and avoid manual errors with direct integrations.

Allow your team to grow and shrink with the seasons

It's very common for landscaping teams to shift in numbers through the seasons, with more hands on deck during early spring and summer. When your team shrinks in the quieter months, you can archive temporary employees who no longer need to clock in (but retain all their important data and timesheets for when they rejoin your workforce).

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