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BrightPay is award-winning payroll software used by thousands of companies in the UK and Ireland. Save time and money by sending your hours from TimeKeeper to BrightPay in just a few clicks!

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Why should I use TimeKeeper with BrightPay?

Automating your timesheet payroll process

BrightPay is focused on providing the best payroll software possible. TimeKeeper is focused on providing the best timesheet software available. This means going paperless with your timesheets, utilising mobile apps, shared kiosk clock in terminals, facial recognition, time spent on jobs and much more.

If you want to reduce repetition in your business and introduce automation. Then TimeKeeper can help your business move to digital timesheets and automate the sending of this data to BrightPay Payroll.

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BrightPay compatible integration

How does the integration work?

As BrightPay is a desktop based payroll product, we've built a custom TimeKeeper CSV report that allows you to import hours for each employee directly into BrightPay.

Does TimeKeeper calculate the regular and overtime due for each employee?

Yes, we'll automatically breakdown the regular and overtime due for each employee based on their configuration. Then you can map that to your relevant rate in BrightPay.

Does it allow me to import leave into BrightPay?

Unfortunately not - we would love to offer this ability but BrightPay currently only offers this mechanism through their product BrightPay Connect.

Can you help us set this up?

Yes - we will jump on a call with you free of charge to set up your integration between TimeKeeper and BrightPay as well as answer any queries you may have.

TimeKeeper BrightPay integration with Timesheets
Country Connect
"TimeKeeper has really helped to manage our employees' time and holidays efficiently, and the technical support has been excellent."
Alex Foulds
Executive Assistant, Country Connect

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