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TimeKeeper is a UK based alternative to TSheets/Quickbooks Time that we think is simpler, friendlier and 50% cheaper.

TSheets Has Undergone Some Changes

TSheets has changed

TSheets used to be best for small businesses - however since Intuit acquired TSheets a few years ago, it's steadily been getting more and more corporate, so much so, they've changed their name to Quickbooks Time.

These changes have sparked some negative reviews on Trustpilot about the company.

TSheets Warning
UK Based Support

No bots, just friendly UK support

TSheets are a US based company which can be difficult for companies in other timezones. For time and attendance, it's useful to know you can reach out to a team who can help you through any issues when you encounter them.

With TimeKeeper you can chat directly to a UK based team who would be more than happy to help.

UK Based Support
Same Features But Much Cheaper

Stop burning money on TSheets

TSheets used to be much more cost effective however over the past few years have steadily raised their prices by over 100% as well as charging a base fee.

With TimeKeeper we charge a flat £3.50 per employee per month for all the same features and have no base fee. We're over 50% cheaper than TSheets (as of February 2022) allowing you to save thousands overnight.

Save 50% vs TSheets with TimeKeeper
Supporting Small Business

We're a small business just like you

TSheets are part of a huge corporate now and that's great for them. Ultimately their product is a complete success already regardless of the future.

TimeKeeper is a small UK based company, every £ we earn goes towards making a better product for our users as well as helping us look after our loved ones.

Support small business
"I work with construction sector mainly and deal with timesheets weekly. It took me a while to get my head around TSheets but the site guys hated it and the cost is quite a lot and with little support.

Since then I have implemented TimeKeeper in pretty much every construction company I have gone into to set new systems up and it works brilliantly!

I know TSheets is going through change at the minute so if you are looking for alternative, better and cheaper then give them a go!"
Maria Noonan
Bookkeeper, Accounts Keeper

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